Summer Surge Recap

Summer Surge Recap

This was an amazing 4 weeks we at HSM were able to be apart of!  S U R G E was full of exciting new memories for each and every student.

There was nothing ordinary about S U R G E.  Student not only had the opportunity to bond with their peers and small group leaders but they were able to hear a relevant message on topics that are so prevalent in their lives today!  Our students that taught were FRESHMAN - SENIORS that taught on so many different subjects and below is their main point/takeaways:


"The only way to have a friend is to be a friend."

"Your friends influence the direction and quality of your life."


"In a chaotic life, christ is strong, carries our burdens and attacks our anxiety."


"Change is definite, but will we embrace the new adventures God has for us or will we be a pushback & miss out on His amazing plans?"


"Sometimes you have to choose between good & better to get that balance that God desires in you life."

-Holy Character

"Character is something we are all born with but Holy Character is our own choice, its our decision to reflect Jesus through actions in Life."


"It's God's job to judge & it is our job to Love."


"God's love isn't exclusive, it's extensive."


"At the end of the day you can keep being angry and resentful towards the person that hurt you, but the only person affected is you."

Students had fun, bonded, battling it out on the field, worshiping J E S U S and leading breakouts with boldness and a Passion that only a love for God could provide! This generation is not going to change the world IT ALREADY IS!!!! The stories will be told of what God did this summer for years to come....NUF SAID

Though Summer S U R G E must come to end till next July, never fear, because starting Wednesday SEPTEMBER 4th PULSE will be back!  So make sure you are all at the Crossroads Campus when doors open at 6:30pm and will last till 9:00pm!

To see pictures of Summer Surge go to HSM's Facebook page to check them out! 

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