India 2013

India 2013

Thinking about a short-term mission trip?  Global Hope India and HSM are teaming up to send students to serve and minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ in India.  Click on a specific date for more info and to get an application:

August 2-11, 2013

August 9-18, 2013

COST:   $2,700 per person which covers airfare and all in country expenses.  Funds may be raised through support letters, personal contributions and your own fundraising. All gifts are tax-deductible.

FINANCIAL LOGISTICS: A $300 deposit payable to GHI should accompany your application. This deposit is refundable until your application is approved. Once approved it will be added to your support raising account. All gifts to GHI are tax-deductible and therefore non-refundable. All donations are used to support GHI and its charitable causes.

TEAM SIZE:   4+ adults/students – average size is 8-12 people

MISSION TRIP DESCRIPTION: India is a beautiful country of extreme contrast. If your team flies into Hyderabad International Airport, you will experience the second most expensive airport in the world. Within minutes of leaving the airport you’ll see slum communities living in inhuman poverty. With 1.2 billion people, India is among the largest, poorest, neediest, and most undeveloped countries in the world. In fact, half of the world’s orphans live in India.

Our work in Andhra Pradesh, India centers on empowering the church in India for the advancement of the Gospel in three ways: church planting, village development, and child rescue. We partner primarily with India Christian Ministries and their statewide network of 2,400 native church planting missionaries. They leverage everything we do for maximum Kingdom impact.

We take a variety of teams: kid jam bible club teams, medical teams, dental teams, worship & music teams, church planter conference team, women’s conference teams, water quality teams, child rescue team, etc. Each team has at least one concentrated focus.  We will leverage the gifts and abilities of each individual team member. Whether you like leading in public or serving quietly behind the scenes, there is a huge need for you in India! All team members can expect to play with kids, befriend adults, and pray with people. We get out of our comfort zone and seek to join God in His work in the midst of real human need.

WHAT TO EXPECT:  24 hour flights to and from India;  bottled water;  beautiful people;  happy children;  hot climate; dusty roads;  nerve racking travel;  traffic congestion;  people everywhere;  exposure to sever poverty;  spicy foods;  some American fast food;  5 Star Chinese food;  safe & clean hotel;  running water;  showers;  English toilets (most of the time);  one carryon suitcase for your personal belongings;  one large suitcase for team supplies;  cold soft-drinks, but no ice; a ongoing week-long concert of prayer -  LIFE CHANGE!

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Christ-like love and attitude; commitment to group unity and fun; flexibility; patience; hand sanitizer;  wet wipes or toilet paper; rain poncho/shoes; low cost, modest, comfortable, and cool clothing; personal snacks and tastes from home; pillowcase and 2 flat sheets, etc.  You MUST understand the 4 most important needs for doing mission work: 1. flexibility, 2. flexibility. 3. flexibility, and 4. a good sense of humor!


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