HSM Mission Team 2016

HSM Mission Team 2016

HSM is excited to announce that in 2016 we will be returning to Haiti & we will be returning to India!  Last year, HSM students played a vital role in running a kid's camp in Haiti's capital city of Port-au-Prince at Hope's Agape Church Campus. We are thrilled to have been asked to return and partner once again with Global Hope and Agape Church.  In India, we will be partnering with our good friends at Global Hope India to work alongside Indian students in running a children's camp!  Both trips will challenge & stretch our students.  We fully expect God to do some incredible things through the HSM Mission Team.

When are the trips? India: June 17- June 25, 2016 /// Haiti: June 25- July 2, 2016

How much do the trips cost?  India: $3,000 per student /// Haiti: $1,800 per student

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What do I need to do to go?  Anyone interested in joining the HSM Mission team must 1) complete a general Global Hope trip application online (Click Here)     2) complete a HSM mission candidate application online (Click here)   3) Send your references the online reference form which you should have received via email as soon as you completed the HSM application    4) Complete an individual interview with the HSM Mission team leads. Interviews will take place between November 21- December 9.


Mission Team will be announced on December 10, 2015.

**Due to a limited number of spots, not all students who apply will be able to go on the trips to Haiti or India.

**Students may not participate in both trips due to the overlap in travel dates.

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