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We hope that your New Year is off to a great start!  We are amazed by the energy and passion behind high school students begging for PULSE and SMALL GROUPS to start back.  So we want to encourage you with a COUPLE of THINGS:
Through p u l s e we are seeing God move in the lives of hundreds of students in the Raleigh-Triangle area.  Prepare yourself for what your student will be learning at p u l s e as we are teaching: “Better Together” a relationship series beginning on February 5 @ 7pm @ Crossroads Campus (doors open at 6:30pm). Think about how dating was for you in high school.  How do you wish your parents had been there for you?  How can you be there for your teenagers? Pray for God to guide you to know how to lead and talk to your student as they go through this series.  For more details on Pulse, click on this link:
You’re probably wondering what “Better Together” is really all about?  Lucky for you here is our main goal and questions we are covering:

Our prayer & goal is that students will start approaching relationships from a healthy & Godly perspective – thinking about what they can give & how they can keep Christ the center (instead of from a selfish, lustful or worldly perspective of what they can get).

Small Groups: Questions we will be examining:

Week 1: Who do I look for to date? Would you date you?

Week 2: How do I keep Jesus at the center of my dating relationship?

Week 3: What boundaries are good in dating?


Click on this link to find out more about small groups!