Now and again, everyone needs to freshen things up a little bit. During your birthday or holidays, you might get some new clothes. What about when you get those new shoes. Or how about when you strut out of the store sporting your fresh new hat. There’s times when you just need to get a new look and feel. So that’s what this is all about… Welcome to our new website!

What you will find… Awesome within your internet browser. You will find the key important info for all things we have going on. You may have heard about us having facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, vimeo… whew I’m out of breath just typing that. Here is your place to check out all of that in one place.

Our hope is this site will be a tool for you to be in the know about all things HSM, Small Groups, PULSE, Wired and the latest Events going on.  So browse around, leave a comment, or ask some questions. We are here for you!

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